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Monday, December 03, 2007

More balls and holiday frivolity.

Just some additional pictures from the 2nd ball of ball season. In picture two we see Adrian and two of this fellow lieutenants posing for the camera....Garon is not that short...
In picture three we see Brian as pleased as punch to have one of the Turkey legs and Michelle picturing having to roll him home at the end of the day.
Finally, the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force band cuts loose from it's usual with a jazzy rendition of Jingle bells at the Camp Courtney Christmas Fest :)

Next post will likely be in 2008! Happy new year all!


Blogger Holly said...

pretty :-) i hope to finagle Beau into attending a ball this year. plus -- extra points for use of "frivolity"


8:29 PM  
Anonymous mary said...

Hi Adrian and Natalia- Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for staying in touch. This note is after too long a silence and wish you both a Happy New Year!
Please send your e-mail address so I can communicate with you. Have a Ball! (
Mary K

7:19 AM  

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