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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Promotion and Wet down!

Our first anniversary was an auspicious date for another reason. It marked 2 years since Adrian was commisionned as a 2nd lieutenant. Therefore, on the first day back at work after the Memorial day weekend, myself and Adrian's Gunnery Sargent, Gunny Bradley, took off Adrian's 2nd Lt bars (also known as butter bars) in favor of his 1st Lt ones. The new ones are silver rather than gold ( I know, that doesn't make any sense to me either!).

Adrian got his promotion on the same day as our good friend Brian which was nice for another reason. Traditionally, a newly promoted officer throws a soiree for his entire office and pics up the tab with the new increase in his pay. Since Brian and Adrian were promoted at the same time, they hosted the "wet down" together at a lovely place called Shimenabi just south of Futenma airbase! It was quite the event as you can see from the pics and given all the Sashimi and terriyaki we ordered and all the Birru and Awamori we washed it down with, not unreasonably priced either!

In the first 2 pictures we see the proud new 1st lets, followed by Clint, Meghan's husband recently returned from Iraq, getting experimental with a slimy concoction pretending to have something to do with bean curd. Meghan clearly eagerly awaiting her turn to try in picture 2! Brian toasts with Ikuko and an office mate with some Awamori which got the better of him by midnight in picture 3! Our bountiful feast if evident in pics 4 and 5 :) hungry???


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