Okinawa Sunrise

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Freedom is an open road!

Thats a song isn't is? Anyway....feast your peepers on our new (well, mildly used) Toyota Cynos. Thats one hunt over, the hunt for the apartment/house continues. Made no easier by the fact that roads in Okinawa ARE NOT NAMED! Thats right! Only main highways have numbers. You look up any ad in the Yellow Pages and you won't find a street address, rather a small map showing permanent landmarks like a MacDonalds or pet store.

We have found two possible candidates. Both lovely. One simply enourmous when you consider that we have most recently lived in one room just under 400sq. ft. The other still decently sized. Both with tatami rooms which make you really feel like you are living in Japan. A Tatami room is usually where you put your arranged flowers and shrine paraphenalia. They have sliding window covers that are the wood and paper checker board kind and the bamboo mat rugs. The larger place has a slight edge in our minds since it had an American oven. Japanese ovens have the capacity of about a 7lb chicken. Also a little grill tray for fish etc. None too useful for a full Thanksgiving spread. Either way, Friday is the day we will know for sure so stay tuned!


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