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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'll take People you don't expect to see in Okinawa for 600 Alex!

Faithful readers!
I know I've been a poor diarist! But in truth, I've had precious little of interest to tell you about! Adrian and I have been living fairly humdrum lives!

We are getting a little more adept at the language but still rely more on hand signals than actual vocabulary! We are also developing cravings for certain kinds of okinawan food which I guess means that they are becoming dietary staples for us. A favorite is Soba. Its a noodle soup in a broth topped with pork, fish cakes, spring onion and pickled ginger. Trust us! It's delish.

Spring is starting to come to Okinawa which hopefully means I will be posting more about outdoor activities. The winter rain has put the kaibosh on many of our planned activities in the past few months. Today it is in the low 80s, sunny and muggy. Okinawa has a fairly summery spring, followed by a rainy season, followed by unbearable heat. Or so I'm told. I'll keep you posted!

One exciting thing from this weekend....Alex Trebeck, the host of Jeopardy and the rest of the show's crew rolled into town. For those of you not reading from the's a very popular and long-running trivia game show. As you can see from the picture, I got to meet Alex. In case you were wondering...he loves the SNL parodies of the show! :)

He was very nice and signed my picture. Adrian and I also tried out for the show. We made it past the first round of tests but failed to get through the 2nd hoop, a 50 question rapid fire test. I don't know how much I missed by but lets just say I missed by one!

Also in a pic below is my friend Danielle with Alex after she made him a gift of one of her local pictures. I am also including the link to her gallery. She does great underwater stuff!
If I ever get the gumption to go diving, I'm hoping it will be with her; as you can see, she knows the most beautiful spots!


Blogger Ashley said...

Is it weird that I'm jealous you got to meet the host of "Jeopardy!"? Glad to see that life is well and merry in Japan. I'm moving apartments in a month and will soon be living just steps away from "The Tonight Show" and I think, if memory serves, "Jeopardy!" films on the same lot :)

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