Okinawa Sunrise

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hakone is a very popular retreat from the city for Tokyoites. Rat-racers can relax in natural hot-springs or take in views of Mt. Fuji. Sadly, our day in Hakone was nearly as misty as it had been in added to the mystique of the place but Fuji. Just the same, the appeal of Hakone lies in the various means of transportation used to tour the place. From the hotel, we bused down to Moto-Hakone. From there, an imitation pirate ship took us to Togendai. At Togendai, a ropeway (like the thingys you take on ski trips) took us up the mountain, where had nature been kind we would have paused to admire "the Fuj". However nature was pretty brutal when we stopped by the volcanic crater in Owakudani which means "great boiling valley". Rebecca and I evidently have very sensitive aulfactory nerves because the smell of sulpher coming from these natural hot ponds put us off our lunch for the day and eggs for the rest of the trip! Most people however, enjoy buying eggs boiled and blackened by the springs which are said to add 7 years to your life.

From there we took the Tozan railway cable car to our hotel, the Fujiya. Its a grand old place which has hosted many dignitaries...John Lennon too ! It also had an indoor thermal pool and public bath fed by the natural hot springs.

The next day, before communting back to Tokyo, we all checked out the impressive Hakone open air museum which houses modern art sculptures with an amazing natural backdrop. As you can see, in hindsight, that would have been the day to try for a Fuji view! Ah trip!


Blogger CHIKAKO said...

This is CHIKAKO(who you know!)

I saw your pictures from Mainland Japan,They show me you really enjoy this trip.

I wanna show you Mt.Fuji in UKIYOE,Called "FUGAKU 36 KEI".

Can you find all of them?!

See you next week!

10:47 PM  

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