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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tokyo Part III: A dangerous place to shop til you drop

Between shopping and more shopping we paused for Sushi at a Sushi go-round! I did indulge in one $10 piece of Sushi which was indeed impressive. I was trying hard to do some math on this after seeing on television earlier that day a CNN business report from the Tokyo fish market. I would have gone in person but the market runs from 5 to 7 AM, no thankyou! The reporter followed the morning fish auction where a tuna roughly the size of ME sold for about $30,000. FOR FISH! So I was trying to figure that if the entire thing gets sliced into pieces the size of my thumb would get the chef his money worth!

The sushi restaurant was right on the edge of Ginze, the fifth avenue of Tokyo! Although I don't think that the Japanese celebrate Christmas as a rule the stores certainly do! We mostly window shopped given that most stores were a little outside our price range!

After a rest and a bath back at a hotel we hit the streets again for grub. Its important to remember when seeking out a restaurant in Tokyo that the city lives vertically as much as horizontally. We wandered up and down the same street twice, royally confused and sure we had the right spot, until we realized we was just 7 floors up. Its lucky that we found it because the meal was certainly worth it. It was Benny Hanna style, hibachi, but far and away above Benny Hanny quality. Adrian and I had our first taste of Kobe beef (good but not earth shaking) and some lovely shrimp and fish.

Then to bed for a packed Sunday!


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