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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Homeless no more!

So its taken me a long time to post again because I am no longer chained to a hotel room desk (thank god there was no mini bar in there!). Thats right we have moved in!

We chose to move into what the government offered us. We are living in one of the apartment blocks pictured in an earlier post. I know its slightly unadventurous. It wasn't with a certain degree of sadness that I let go of the little house off-base with its nice hardwood floors, tatami room and teeny tiny Japanese oven and all the great writing fodder I was sure that a Japanese neighborhood might have offered!

But we could not poo poo the apartment in the Towers. We have a 3 bedroom apartment on the top floor with great views over the base and (if you lean left of the master bedroom balcony) the ocean! I don't really know what a couple with no kids can do with 3 bedrooms. The present plan is a study and a guest room. But ya know, when you've done almost two years in a basement studio with less that 400 sq ft, who cares!

I am currently in major decorating mode, hence no pics! I promise that as soon as the place looks presentable, I shall provide!


Blogger Ashley said...

Congrats on the housing! Oh my gosh, I would have no idea what to do with 3 bedrooms. Actually yes I do. They're called babies!!

But a study and guest room sound good too ;) And I don't care how much you have to crane your neck, sounds to me like you have an ocean view :) FUN!!

10:41 AM  

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