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Friday, December 22, 2006

Tokyo Part V: Yanaka Ginza and under Tokyo

We got a little lost on our way out of the park because of the sorry excuse for a map in my guide book. But cooler heads prevailed and we finally made it to the shopping area known as Yanaka Ginza. We stopped for an Indian curry for lunch and then wandered about the little shops and stalls. One dauchsand (picture 1) waited patiently for its driver outside a bakery. The place was also crawling with cats! Probably because the store where I photographed this little girl put out platefuls of chicken!

We then approached the subway again with not a little bit of trepidation. That morning we had realized that not all underground train lines in Tokyo are operated by the same company. Meaning that what we thought was a subway day pass was in actuality a some lines day pass. Planning your routes is hard enough without trying get your money's worth by sticking to the lines you paid for. Without the pass, you have to use the map to figure out where you are, where you're going and calculate your fare accordingly. As you can see from picture number 5, thats not always an easy task! While Adrian and Dad figured it out, I was distracted by what I thought was the pretty nifty sight in picture number 4. Its my old world meets new piece for the collection!


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