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Friday, December 22, 2006

Tokyo Part VI: Asakusa again and a serene end to the journey!

We made it back to Asakusa without incident. Since we have flown through the area at a breakneck pace with the tour group, we wanted the opportunity to have a proper nose about the shops. Since it wasn't bucketing down as it had the day before, the market was substantially busier!

I considered bying the headband in picture 1 for days when I feel the need to channel Ralph Macchio. I kept myself to just a few gifts and souvenirs which is pretty miraculous for those of you that know me well enough to know what happens when Natalia the tourist meets Natalia the shopper.

We ended the night with Chinese Dim Sum back at the hotel which, for those of you keeping track means we went the whole day without any authentically Japanese cuisine (forgive us!). The next morning there was a beautifully clear view fromour hotel room window which I think would rival the one from the Tokyo tower (Tokyo's erector set version of the Eiffel tower). Also nearby is the Hamaryku gardens. We made this our last stop before we hoped the monorail back to the airport. It's incredibly serene for being in the middle of the downtown, more so than central park since there is no jogging, game playing etc, just walking. Some high powered Tokyo business man and his three flunkies where seriously pushing their luck on this account by power walking through the place in track suits with cell phones and briefcases. Had we not been leaving on a jet plane, we would have paused in the small tea house in the middle of the lake for a green tea. Next trip I guess! Who's coming with???


Blogger Holly said...

Love all the pictures and your wonderful descriptions! You, me, and that tea house have one serious date! :-)

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