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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thailand: and just in time too!

Dear all,

In a further attempt to manipulate the passage of time and expedite Adrian's return, I travelled to Thailand in August to do the tourist thing and have some much needed catch up time with the world's best travel buddy Holly! It would seem that we made our trip just in time too as Thailand has since found itself embroiled in some political turmoil resulting in a State Dept warning for all Americans. I swear.....we had nothing to do with it ;-)

We spent our first day on very little sleep taking in as much of Bangkok as we could and seeing so many Watts we couldn't keep straigh which Watt was what! Sorry....too hard to resist that one!

Our very first night in Thailand was spent in transit via overnight train to Chiang Mai in the north, not far from the Burmese border. It is the second largest city in Thailand but it has a very different character from buzzing Bangkok. We also took in some Watts there, ate lovely Thai food (made lovlier by the very reasonable price) and took full advantage of readily available Thai a day keeps the doctor away!

We did take one day trip out to visit a Karen Long Neck Tribe village, about 40 minutes north of the city, and to an Elephant conservation center.

Then back to Bangkok by a much shorter plane ride to experience the finer things the city has to offer including the beautiful Jim Thompson house, and the Siam Paragon shopping center.

Enjoy the pics!


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