Okinawa Sunrise

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ryukyu Mura Continued


Anonymous percy said...

Hi Natalia
you are much better at writing than I am at reading
I'll have to try to keep up.
So tell tell, how long a flight is
it to Tokyo?
Everything looks fascinating.
I hope you enjoy your job.
Can one get around in Tokyo with NO
Japanese skills?
How did you arrange your sight seeing tour?
When do you think would be the
best time for me to visit? I do plan to come this year and so need to begin organizing. I am free (sort of) until June then have a tiny piece
of July and early August. I think that is
peak air fare time BUT my favorite HOT weather time (I think)



7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Golle Natalia
you did it.
I have now started a blog
Good Grief
Mine is specifically for film reviews.
It is http//
I am of course Totosmom
It was an inauspicious start -
but a start nonetheless.


I think


8:31 AM  
Anonymous mum said...

Why is that little old lady so strong? Because of the Okinawa Diet!
I made the Healthy Broccoli Soup and the Chicken and Rice this week-end (dad not too keen) I think the soup could do with less flour. Try it and let me know. Love, Mum

6:35 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

The other side of the world, looks truly amazing from back here in d.c. I'm amazed particularly that everyone walks horizontally!

Best wishes to both of you!
-Drew (and Kristen)

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Natalia, its Amelia. Many thanks for your Christmas/New Year 'postcard', my little girl Lily (who is two and 4 months) thought you were me and that your hubbie was her father (if only!), as I said to Alessandro currently living it up in 'Venny', your respective lives just about border on the glamour of mine (NOT!!). I am just finishing history degree, not before time.. Your pics bring back some well stored away memories of my own visit to Japan when I was 16 and nowhere near old enough to appreciate the amazing array of experiences! You are so lucky, I adore sushi and am pleased to hear about your aspiring towards becoming a 'sushi chef', when I marry a millionaire I shall come and sample your offerings! Lots of love and luck to you both from Amelia and girls xx

12:30 PM  

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