Okinawa Sunrise

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My grandparents, that's right, grandparents (emphasis on the grand here!) made it all the way to Okinawa to visit us! They get the bronze!!!!
We were so glad to have them right in the middle of what I consider to be Okinawa's finest season...fall! It's still hot here but the edge is off the humidity. You can enjoy a walk without coming back looking like you took a swim.
We visited all our favorite haunts and some new Okinawan hotspots. They loved the food and the beer. We visited the very fine Okinawa Aquarium (home to the world's largest aquarium viewing window, which facilitates an impressive view of the center's whale sharks....those are some big fish!). And together we discovered a delicious amber brew...called Nihede Birru. It's actually a play on Hogan, the language of Okinawa, the word for Thank you is Nihedebiru. They called their birru (beer) , Nihede! Get it???


Blogger Jared and Adrianne Blake said...

That is marvelous that they made the hike! Glad that you were able to receive some visitors and glad that A is home safe!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Kosuke said...

Hi, this is Course'K'.

Your grandparents looks so happy.
Especialy, drink beer is best!

I want to hear about thier story in Okinawa.

See you.

2:59 AM  

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