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Friday, January 12, 2007

Ryukyu Mura: Final Pics

So work has been incredibly busy and I fell for the better part of the week into what can only be described as a "West Wing" coma. Adrian bought me seasons 6 and 7 for Christmas but I had yet to make my way through 4 or 5. So with Adrian away for training for the week I began to care about little more than whether or not Josh and Donna would get together or if the Education Reform plan could make it through a Congress in a parallel universe. Beleive me, its a heck of a lot easier than worrying about the state of the real government.

All this being the long way around to saying that I forgot to post the last two fun pictures from the trip to Ryukyu Mura. So TADA! Here they are! Picture number 1 is a very friendly water buffalo. Ostensibly, his job is to be directed around in a circle by the fellow in the pointy hat behind him while tethered to an enormous grinder that squishes cane sugar into liquid sugar. Why I'm not sure but I can't imagine that he makes more than a shot glass full in a day since he likes to personally greet every person that rounds the corner. He rests his big fuzzy head on the rail and looks at you with big watery eyes, you just gotta rub his nose.

Picture 2 is a gentleman playing a Sanshin, an instrument native to Okinawa. It has what can best be described as a banjo like twang and usually has only one neck. I'm not really sure about the motivation of having two necks on any string instrument because, well, can you tell me how you realistically play both at once. He was nice enough, when he saw a few American's about to treat us to Jingle Bells. Very cute!

Next weekend takes us to the Cherry Blossom festival in the north of the island so stay tuned!


Blogger Holly said...

A West Wing Coma --- delightful. I was at Target a few weeks back and almost succumbed to the Complete Series on DVD - had to run away before the nearly $300 pricetag caught me!! But how amazing would that be...

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss natalia!
it's been DAYS since your last update!
cannot wait to hear the next installment!

8:32 AM  

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