Okinawa Sunrise

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A whale of a time!

Ok it's a corny thing to say but it was great fun!
In February and March, humpback whales migrate through the East China Sea very close to Okinawa. Lots of boats head out to watch them, we had about 5 boats following this one pod of about 7 young males. The funny thing about whale watching is that it's about 1 minute of excitement when they all come up to frolic and well...breathe,....followed by 5 minutes of trying to figure out which direction they swam and then when you spot them again, taking off at break neck speed in their direction....often just in time for them to head below again. hence, it's pretty hard to snap a good pic! I have lots of pictures of ripples in the water! The most exciting part of the morning was when one what swam about 3 feet under out boat and we could all see him just under the water.

They are really beautiful creatures!