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Monday, February 05, 2007

We're not getting ideas!

So I'm not trying to give anyone a panic attack, I haven't recently given birth...nor are we getting broody! But baby pics are just too cute not to spread around!!!

Adrian's Staff Sergeant and his wife just welcomed their 2nd boy Jetren, see pic 4. And like all mutts (mum is Mexican, dad is Thai), he's just adorable! He's 2 weeks old in this picture and I regret that you can't see his pouty little lips that handsome! But what a shock of hair huh?!

So the rest of our past weekend was pretty humdrum. Adrian was on call for an exercise so we couldn't go too far afield. In the 1st and last pics you can see a beach not far from our apartment (pic 1 is the view from our bedroom window). We went for a walk on Saturday there even though it was a chilly 65 degrees (jealous?!)

The other 2 cuties in this photo line up are Pepe, (pic 1) and Capitaine (pic3). They live along with 2 humans, Danielle and Andres out in town. Danielle and I became friends when I first moved here and was looking into teaching English as she does. She also takes beautiful underwater photography at the dive spots around Okinawa and is BRITISH. Yes indeedy we are everywhere. And to boot...she's married to a Peruvian who cooked for us when we went over for dinner on Sunday. We had a lovely chat in Pepe and Capitaine's living room :)


Blogger Holly said...

Adrian looks like he wants to take Capitan home...

any news on the idea of you two getting a puppy??

Was great catching up yesterday! talk again soon!

9:08 AM  

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